Where to buy Proofgrade materials?

where is the Proofgrade materials shop/link address?



But you can’t log on until you get the shipping email. They’ll let you know when you are able to buy.


Thanks for info!


Is there any info on how much the materials are and what shipping might be please? I’m trying to organise my business plan which is very difficult when i can’t find info on cost of materials! Thanks lots!

I just checked out the shop. Prices range from $3.25 for small acrylic up to $30 for large thick leather. If you’re an international buyer, I’m not sure how the shipping will work for you. Actually, I’m not sure how much shipping is in the US either, since I haven’t ordered anything yet. I’m sure others can provide more info.

Neither do I. I’ve been buying it $100+ at a time so no shipping charge. Although once I made the mistake of ordering exactly $100 and I got tagged for $9 shipping. I don’t know how they calculate it.

I don’t think the free founder shipping over $100 is an international perk though :disappointed:

US shipping is currently $9 flat-rate through UPS.

I’d suspect international customers would be better off buying materials from local sources. It would ruin the whole magical aspect of Proofgrade settings, but I don’t see how Glowforge could ship materials internationally at anything close to reasonable prices. Maybe they’ll have international distributors in a few countries.

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Yeah, I think you’re right. They’ll still be able to use the PG settings (from the drop-down) as a place to start. But the PG experience really isn’t much good for internationals I expect.

I think they calculate the $100 threshold after the 10% discount has been applied, so you need to order $110+ for free shipping.

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can someone screenshot the shop page (https://shop.glowforge.com) I´m still waitig for my GF but want to see how it looks like and price. etc