Where to position the vent

Hello Glowfolk,

I have decideded it would be folly to wait for the filter. My wife and I share a lovely art studio we built behind our home in Vermont. A dream come true for both of us. My planned location for the GF relied on the filter. No window venting is possible (crank out windows right over each desk, lovely view. So I think I am going to drill a big ‘ol hole and install a vent.

I am getting the Pro, and I want easy access to the pass through.

I purchased a very cool rolling tool box which will be pushed up against the wall most of the time. I’ll be rolling it out and turning it sideways to use the pass through. I keep looking at the empty cart. Then at the updates, then at the cart. But I digress…


So my question is where to I put the hose? In my very limited experience of dryer venting, the stuff is made to stay put. I’ll be extending it and compressing it. Can I have my cart pushed neatly against the wall or will the vent hose prevent that! The space will be snuggled between my wife’s desk and a corner wall. (It was supposed to go by my desk leaving my wife’s space free of my giant toys). Will the long hose need to be flopped over the desk to which my creative wife will laser cut a knife and kill me? Will the cart be pushed out with the hose crammed behind the cart, having it stick out far passed my wife’s desk ruining our her little feng shui thus prompting her to laser cut an ax to murder me?

Is there a hose that extends and contracts? Maybe something like this?

Should I have a short hose and swap it with a long one? Should the hole be low behind the cart or at the same exact height as the hole on the GF?

The more I type, the more I lament the uncoupling and delay of the filter. The self contained nature was the selling point that prompted me to push Buy. Yet I highly doubt I will see this theoretical filter “ship” May 31st.

Oh she’s gonna love this. Don’t let me give you the wrong impression of my wife. She is the most creative person I know. And patient. We share a space. Her’s is clean and a delight to be in. Turn 180 degrees and there is my desk covered in wires, a giant cobbled-together 3D printer, computers, pieces, parts. Poor thing. I wouldn’t want to share a space with me either. But she tolerates me. But given the tools to print a murder weapon…

So, any ideas community? Save a life here?


The eight feet of ducting sent with the glowforge is plenty flexible, but it is not going to neatly coil up or anything. It just kinda droopily hangs out. Seems to me you have two options, make her things that endear the glowforge to her or only work in felt and paper.

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My plan is to build a rolling box the GF will sit on, that has a large, self contained filter set up that is built for higher volume work than the basic filter box we will get sometime next year. There have been a couple of examples people have made here on the forum. My plan is to use an inline fan combined with an inline filter that has easily swaped charcoal filters. I am using the: http://airboxfilter.com
Utilizing an inline filter I will also have an exhaust hose port that can be opened or closed with a air gate. The majority of the time I will still exhaust outside - I am in SOCal so a lot of folks consider the outdoors to be an additional room most of the year and don’t find the smell of burning plastic, wood or leather to be pleasurable. :wink: So having this “pre filter” is a must for us.

Good thinking to get a more substantial flexible hose if the cart is going to be moving around a lot or you have to connect and disconnect a lot and store the hose. The supplied flexible hose has worked fairly well so far. For the first four months of my pre-release, I had to disconnect and connect for nights. I did develop some tears and holes when I was careful withe hose.

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Mine is on a tool cart, which I can swing out for the passthrough, but stays pushed up against the wall most of the time.


My venting has to go up and out the roof, but if you were to have a vent straight through the wall, and the wall was thick enough, you could probably come up with a cavity into which the hose could compress… just a thought.


Another Vermonter! My pro is going to begin it’s life on a rolling table, that is unlikely to roll all that often until the filter arrives (at least that’s the current plan?). The table will roll directly perpendicular to the window where I’ll be running the filter, so I’m not too worried about the hose getting kinked very much, just straight back and forth. My future plan is to give it it’s own, more nimble, cart, but I’ll be interested to see how everything holds up to more movement in the “wheeling around and contorting to get the best (for it’s human operators, but definitely not vent hoses) position” area :slight_smile: