Where to post designs?

Hey everyone, besides etsy, where do people post designs for sale?

I am making my own personal website but IDK how to advertise it so I am looking into different platforms.


I’m not any good at it but the most successful way I’ve seen people push potential customers to a personal website for sales is to get popular on one or more social media platforms.

To do this I see people give away a lot of simpler designs and do a lot of helping.
Which platforms depends on your skills, your age, your customer’s age range, etc.


Tons of people sell designs on Etsy. Can be a good way to get a start then when you get more customers you can direct them to your site. There’s also the GF catalog if you want.


One thing to consider when selling files on Etsy or your own site — within days of first selling a new design, you have to be prepared to accept that it will be released into the wild and there will be a dozen stores selling your file (most of them from Russia, where IP / Copyright protection is non-existent). If you’re ok with that reality, go for it. I’ve taken down all my laser cutting & engraving files from Etsy for that very reason.

Etsy claims that they will take down such listings, but what really happens is they send the offender a notice. Offender responds saying “oh, no – I would never do such a thing. The person that reported me is lying – my file is the original.” It then becomes a game of I said / they said that can’t be resolved.

As an alternative, I like Creative Fabrica. Their licensing plan is trackable and verifiable. However, nothing stops bad actors from taking the downloaded files and selling them on Etsy. Not trying to discourage you – lots of folks claim to be making money hand-over-fist with their files on Etsy, but I’m not 100% sure they’re telling the truth.

My advice? Sell through the GF Catalog. They handle all the sales, support, & marketing, leaving you free to spend more time designing. Plus, Catalog files cannot be easily stolen.

Good luck!


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