Where to purchase material

I’ve had my glowforge since 2017 and honestly the only frustrating thing is constantly finding out the proof grade material I need is out of stock. Has anyone else ran into this issue and is there another location you go for a more reliable stock of material.

  • Rob

Hi Rob,

Depending on what materials you are looking for, there are many people on Etsy and Amazon that offer proof grade-type materials that are cut to size and masked.

Also if you are in a pinch for wood, you can purchase basswood in the hobby or wood sections of a craft store. I’ve had the most luck with Hobby Lobby.

Sometimes I buy “wood canvas boards” - and then just cut the edges off.

Hope this helps!

That’s a great point. Thanks for the pointers.

I get my Non-PG from Woodpeckers or Home Dept. If I get the big sheets HD cuts them to the size I want.

I’m sorry that we don’t have the materials that you want in stock!

I know my colleagues are working hard to replenish, but I don’t have any information about when materials will be available. However, if there’s a Joann near you, they may have the Proofgrade materials you want in stock, and many locations are offering curbside pick-up!