Where's all of the things from the video? Monitor stand, globe lamp, gatling gun drone

I thought we would get access to everything in the video, but there are many things missing in the catalog.


Yes, that is correct. They have released a few of those designs but by no means all. We have been assured that we will get them eventually. When they are released, they will be loaded to your design space. This has already happened for the cupcake holders, the airplane design, the screen designs, and maybe others I’ve forgotten.


Indeed. It takes many, many hours to prepare these (the detailed instructions, testing, etc) and the team’s been extremely busy. But they continue to be released periodically.


You know @dan, all you have to do is task us, your loyal community with the job and it will be done in a jiffy. We’re here for ya.


That’s actually part of the project - creating instructions for how to create great instructions!

As an owner I would like to help with that. Provide the designs and I will provide feedback and help writing instructions as I figure things out. We are a community of Makers after all. No charge😎


I really could use the “monitor stand” at my new job…my other monitors are up higher and my laptop sitting on the desk makes it a bit difficult to multi-task…plus the monitor stand would look awesome.

I am sure I could figure it out and would be happy to make up a set of instructions with pictures (I do this sort of thing at work writing procedures and adding screenshots) — if you are interested, I would happily volunteer instructions for the monitor holder @dan

Cool! It’s in the todo hopper for sure.