Which Glowforge/ lasers do you have?

I like my basic too. One I use for everything and the other I use acrylic only to see how each are affected over time.


Just a Pro, since the beginning (2017…) Actually on my 2nd after the tube died on the first after >5yrs.

I signed up for the Basic during the initial campaign, but when the time came, I could afford to upgrade so I switched to the Pro, which I don’t regret. I don’t use passthru often, but combined with the supposed increased speed, served me well.


Well, of course the Pro is going to be better and faster at just about everything than the Aura. But where the Aura really shines is paper. Because it doesn’t have an air assist fan, it’s much easier to keep paper and other light materials from blowing around. And there is significantly less char on the paper as well. One additional advantage for me is the smaller footprint. In my case it means I can fit the machine in my upstairs hobby room instead of the basement laundry room where my Pro is. So I’m more likely to run something on the Aura that I could do faster on the Pro, because I can be doing something else in the room at the same time.


I have the plus, it’s been a 4/5 experience over all I’d say.


Your 4th? Really? Wow!
BTW- I have a newly refurbished Pro, after sadly relinquishing my dearly beloved Plus.


I have a GF Basic and as of an hour ago an Omtech 2440 (not sure how it’s getting into the house, let alone down to the basement.) Dad, I have a surprise for you

@pubultrastar Would you be interested in adopting a fully grown adult???




Sure! We could use one around here!


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