Which software for WiFi monitoring camera?

For those who use a WiFi camera to monitor their Glowforge, which software do you use? I am looking for something that would continuously show a live image in a small window that stays on top when I am doing other things on the computer. I have an Ebitcam EBF4-2M, which works well, but my two choices with the OEM software is to have a full screen image on my PC (Windows 10), which prevents me from using the PC for anything else, or use my phone to show the live video image. Neither of these are ideal, but using the phone to monitor the GF at least allows me to do other things on the computer during long prints. If I try to put the OEM software into a window, rather than rescaling the image, the image completely disappears. I am looking for a third party monitoring software that will show the image from my camera in the corner of my PC monoitor.

I use a Wyze camera, so that doesn’t help - but my suggestion would be to look specifically at Livestreaming programs.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did not even know which terms to use to search.

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i use a summer baby cam. works great and i can carry it around with me if i need to leave the room for a second.

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I use an older iphone to FaceTime myself. I’ll answer the FaceTime call on my mac. I can resize the image as big or as small as I want on my screen and mute it too. Since I’m at home, it uses the 𝗪𝗶𝗳𝗶 and not data.


Thanks for this idea. For some reason I have tried 2 different WiFi cameras from Amazon and neither will hold a connection. The only reason I want a camera is because I simply can’t stand up the whole time my GF is running, but I am sitting right next to it.

Had never even thought of the idea to use an old iPhone but I have 2 I could set up that way without problem.

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Wyze offers a firmware flash that will turn your WyzeCam into a webcam. It is reversible if you later want to use it as originally sold.

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I use a Wyze cam and then a cheap $50 Kindle Fire tablet as the display. Wyze’s web interface on my PC makes me login over and over, but the Android app doesn’t make me do that, and I like having all of my monitor available for doing work.

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I think that is the way I will end up going (although with the Ebitcam). The Android app works well enough, so I could get a Kindle. So far, I have been using my Galaxy S20 as the monitor for the camera.

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