White Engrave instead of Dark

It is a bit hard to see but this is maple and instead of a dark engraving its white. Im not sure if anyone else has encountered this but I did this by engraving but very light and instead of engraving all the way through the masking which seems to have had some sort of reaction with the maple. Its durable too, I tried to scrape it off and it didnt move.


Yep. That’s what likely happened. :slightly_smiling_face:

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In the past when I’ve done this it’s left behind a sticky goop that rubs off but this is hard as a rock. I tried it on walnut and mdf and it didn’t work on ether of those so I guess whatever is in Maple makes it happen.

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Syrup ?:upside_down_face:


I have seen that, and I believe the power delivered was just enough to ‘cook’ the satin finish on the wood, but not penetrate it.

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Hmmm… using heat to transfer onto the surface, similar to etching on metal?