White House staff visit today


We were delighted to host a senior policy advisor from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy today! We had a great chat about the future of manufacturing and all that, but I know the part you all care most about…

This is medium resolution (~350 dpi) and about 5". It looks amazing!

Examples of detailed lasering?

That’s amazing ! Both the visit and the medallion !!:open_mouth:


Wow. What an opportunity!!

And if that’s just “medium” resolution… Wow. Just wow.


Congratulations on the visit, that doesn’t happen for just “anybody.”

Looks really nice, @dan, how deep is the engraving?


Very crisp and nicely done! So did he come to accept your throwing your hat in the ring for the presidency??? @dan ? You’d get MY vote…lol :wink: :smirk:


0.05" deep, plus or minus 0.01 for the growth rings in the walnut.


Excellent - on both accounts. Some of my plans for my Glowforge will have a similar look and feel as this.


Awesome! :sunglasses:


@dan I am curious, is this a lighter wood (maple?) layered over the walnut and then cut?


It’s my assumption that this is a single piece of wood and the darker color is burned by the laser.


That was my initial assumption, but Dan mentioned that the wood was walnut, which is pretty dark stuff to begin with.


Wood from a ‘Black Walnut’ tree can range in different colors depending on soil conditions, growth patterns, and drought conditions, but primarily from which part of the tree the wood is harvested. Black Walnut limbs and the outer layers can be yellow or even white. There are a lot of other species of walnut, including some that are very light colored. Their greatest commonality is their grain and the almost dual-tone nature of the wood from very dark to very light.


Congrats! What an accomplishment!


That’s super cool @dan. Did you make it in front of them? I assume they were blown away.


Wow, that’s gorgeous! congrats on the visit too!


This is straight walnut, from tree to Glowforge. :slight_smile:

Started on their Wikipedia page, grabbed the image, threw it into the Glowforge UI, and printed in just a few minutes.

Yeah, they were duly impressed. :wink:


I think at this point a random llama would get my vote. :smiley:


This is so cool, it looks really good!



Brilliant on both counts! I’m glad to see the people in charge paying attention to a truly innovative company. And, holy hell, you pulled that off the Wikipedia page? Was it already a vector?? Because it looks clean as heck.