White Space being Engraved

That’s not it (wasn’t anyway from the further discussion). :slight_smile:

The Corel issue with booleans causing winding rule (even-odd) issues is very sporadic and not the case 90% of the time. Most times it’s bad object boundaries, improper use of the booleans, etc. Just like the other programs :wink:

Just didn’t want anyone to walk away thinking that all designs using booleans and Corel were going to be toes up and they should switch to another program.


Thought it was from looking at the file? (Did the same thing that the winding rule thing was doing for kittski.)

Also, needed to do another subtraction of the yellow zone area to keep from double engraving in that spot.

No, absolutely wasn’t implying that - it’s only on certain subtraction operations that it hits. Thanks for clarifying. :wink:

I’m a sensitive Corel type :smile:

I should do some digging in Corel to see if I can fix it there. There must be a setting we can adjust to take care of it. Maybe tonight :smile:

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You’d have a few thousand folks kissing your toes if you did. Chuckle! :smile:

Corel lost me in the 80s and I never looked back. I’m sure it is much improved since the.

From a feature perspective the triad (AI/CD/Inkscape) are virtually the same for most people’s purposes. They leapfrog each other on new capabilities but if a feature is in one, it tends to be in the others in some way. It’s just a matter of which style you prefer and what you’re willing to pay.

that and what your regular workflow is and what you do.

i started back in the late 80s/early 90s with corel draw. i had CD2 on floppies and CD3 with the included 1X SCSI CDROM drive. but i used ventura DTP and aldus pagemaker, then framemaker and quark for page layout. when i eventually moved to a company that used all adobe, i was pagemaker/PS/Illy (eventually InDesign and then creative suite). that moved me away from corel.

but if i’d done signmaking or something like that instead of studio / corporate in house, i may have stayed with corel. early illustrator on windows was awful (illustrator 88 or illustrator 3).

sheesh, those were some old apps :slight_smile: I remember people first doing DTP with Pagemaker…look another font! :smile:

My kids are AI (half of them on Macs) and my classes are in Inkscape so CD is just a long time holdover for me (& I didn’t want to jump on the CC subscription model). I don’t need to upgrade every year - most new features are just demo & marketing porn. When they come out with something that matters to me, then I upgrade.

I had this issue. I used Vector Magic to replace vectors that I wanted ignored with transparent sections. You can go to their online site and do a couple prints free every month I thikn or you can buy it. It is a good tool for converting things to vectors with tons of controls for how many individual colors you want and how detailed each section is. In the advanced section there is a step for “deleting” and you just use the standard “magic selection” type tool to select areas you want converted to transparencies.

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I know the features are there. Back when I gave CD a try it was expensive and very buggy. I moved to Freehand until Adobe killed that off. I then went grudgingly to Illustrator and have been cursing it ever since. :yum:

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I know what you mean! I never got on board CorelDraw (in the mid-90s), but I stuck with Freehand from Aldus, to Macromedia, and even bought my last version from Adobe after they acquired Macromedia…

Affinity Designer reminds me more of Freehand than the current AI, so I am now working with AD… I’ve never really enjoyed working with Adobe’s products, but they are entrenched.

Just trying get a leg up on the AD / GF situation before my GF arrives!