Who else is planning on modifying their Glowforge after the warranty is up...?

What are your ideas?

Me: adaptations for a taller Z height. That’s right… A bottomless GF.


I’ll probably pimp it…I did with my cutters and printers. Need to meet it first so I can find out it’s personality. :eyes:


Thats one of the first things i plan doing post warranty.

I also would consider running 1/4 hose and a compressor to the laser head for some direct air flow.

Me: absolutely nothing.

I am not the sort of person who should modify a laser. As far as I know, the glowforge works by causing wood apoptosis.


Im dying now. lol

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  • Z-Height modifications
  • side target rotary cutter
  • 90 & 45 degree mirrors that will supplement above rotary cutter as well as angled cutting/engraving
  • y axis adapter to connect to rotary device

Convert it to a hand held unit so I can do this:

Hand held fun

If not, I’ll just read what everyone else does , and probably leave it alone. I need it to work, and I’ll probably just break it.


…which sparked this idea…45 deg mirror and opening on side to cut wall size objects across the room.

(But I have a nagging feeling that someone else suggested that same thing long ago on this forum.)

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Obligatory PSA for Basic Glowforges.

Cutting an opening in the case will bring your Class 1 laser up to class 4.

That is all. Have a nice day.


True that. As it will be even when I open the box for the first time. :relaxed:

“Pro model is a CDRH Class IV Laser Device”

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Tinkermiester by birth.
originally excited by how I might expand it’s capability, The more I have learned about the engineering of the case, the less inclined I am to Alter it.
Depending on the focal range of the lens, a mirror to reflect 90 degrees or at an angle might be worth exploring.
If my production requirements (which is unlikely) exceeded the duty cycle of the machine, cooling might be something else to look at.

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Is that real? Regardless, something about that sound is AWESOME!



Not to be pedantic, but Class 4 means it is compliant with CDRH (etc) regulations. If you cut it open, it’s not class anything. I don’t recall if there’s a term for it.


I don’t know the term, but, the definition of the term is: you get to keep both halves. :grin:


Sometimes my version of modify ends up accidentally meaning “harvesting of parts”. I’ll probably modify my Glowforge AFTER it no longer serves a useful function OR I have a replacement that performs better.


If only the focal range was that long…

Yes, would need an additional lens or a hacking of the focusing mechanism of the existing lens…

Completely agree, maybe glowforge 2.0 will come with a removable base. After mentioning it and then being informed by @dan that it will change the structural stability way more than I thought I am just hoping it’s coming in the next iteration.

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The race will be on to have the first unlicensed, unregulated GlowForge. Strap it on to your back Ghostbusters style!