Who else makes small parts? Brake disc

I keep making my models smaller and smaller as I get my settings down, plus I am frugal with my materials. This is a brake disc for a Muni (mountain unicycle), yes they make them! This is ‘printed’ with .07" thick proofgrade Tiger Maple, mortised to fit a .12" square tenon axle. Pics of finished unicycle to come. Fun fun!


Small parts are very satisfying to create, I’m with you.


Curious to see your end result! I’m a fan of everything in miniature.

Looking forward to seeing the unicycle.

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I don’t see that as an option in the store? Do you have a link?

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When they’re that tiny, I’ll bet kerf starts to be really important.

I think I got it at inventables.com at least a year ago, sorry I don’t have the link.

It’s critical, I use .0035" for a half kerf and it’s dead on.


Here it is…

Wheel and pedals turn, the pedal joints took forever to get to work right, the tolerances were crazy tight!


I cut some little washers that I needed for a project. (With lots of extras cause I lost more of them than I used.) :smile:

Cool unicycle!


Thanks! That washer looks like food for the crumb tray, my new trick is to use clear tape to pick tiny parts up before I move anything, that is of course if it doesn’t drop through before the tasks are even done.

Put a sheet of alu. foil down, that will prevent tiny parts from vanishing into the abyss.

What I have also done is elevate the sheet that they’re cut from, and changed the focus height to suit.


Yeah, there are a bunch still in the tray. :smile:

:exploding_head: :scream: :exploding_head:
I am thinking the mountain-unicycle riding club would be a pretty small crowd. It makes my aches and pains hurt just thinking about it. Noting also that the rest of the brake mechanism is missing and really curious how that would happen (pedaling backward to set the brake would cause a lot of breaking)

P.S. Happiest of cake days!!! :partying_face: :tada: :partying_face:

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Not unicycle related at all, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about this video, and I hope it entertains y’all as much as it does me every time I watch it…

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No wonder he beat my time, he’s going down hill.

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How’s he even sit down? :joy:


I would love to see someone do that on the unicycle, on the other hand a modified Catrike that could make that run would be cool.

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Gotta love that announcer. I hope he has kids. Can you imagine him at their soccer matches?

We have a downhill course similar to that near my house. I hike up there (but not on the mountain bike trail… I’m not crazy) and seeing those guys come flying by is incredible.


Chances are, part of that bike was cut out or some graphics were etched by good ol’ lasers!

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