Who needs a vent

Just watched this review from an artist. He had the glowforge sitting on a tablet in the middle of his studio with no vent attached.

Must smell good in there. Sounded like he’s waiting for the filter to do big jobs.


The Jerome’s question was, “Does he like his lungs?”


LOL, that’s only slightly less snarky than my initial reaction (which I refrained from typing).

No offense intended to artist/video dude, but skipping the venting is a poor choice. Scares me a bit to see that out there on YouTube, as I wouldn’t want others thinking this how it’s done.


Wait until it kill someone in their sleep…

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That’s insane.

Deep breath… In… Out… In… Out…

Looks like he temporarily moved his GF for the video. His website shows that the GF is indeed vented:


Whew, okay - I’ll forgive him now.

Beautiful studio space, too.

This is hilarious.

I love the balloon thing in the corner.

Well, vented to the floor anyway. :wink: