Who needs Etsy when you have a Glowforge!

It all started when my sister in law, knowing I have a 3D printer asked that I make her a “Tree if Life” In the spirit of Disney’s Animal Kingdom as a centerpiece for her upcoming wedding. Given she and her fiancé are both Veterinarians this seemed the perfect “theme” for the wedding.

Doing this on a 3D printer wasn’t going to happen… and as luck would have it the glowforge was delivered just in time.

All said and done, i recreated vector art in the spirit of the silhouette logo if Animal Kingdom and made a huge 36”+ centerpiece on my x-carve in relief. Then got to work on the Glowforge to make mini versions in maple veneer of the tree to use as seating cards for guests- over 100 trees on the GF!.

Of course it didn’t end there once my wife and sister realized I could (and I quote) “Etsy up this wedding”. Pretty much did all the signage, card box, and most anything else that they found on Etsy. The GF and the xcarve got a quite a workout over the last month (and truth be told I got a free pass to play in the man cave for many hours :slight_smile: )

Wedding was a success and many wows at all the signage and theming.



What a lot of work, but how beautiful!


Great job! That will be a wonderful wedding! :grinning:


Wow!! You really did it up! :star_struck: Professional finish on all the details.
I’m looking down the barrel of my Daughter’s wedding, and you just threw me under the bus dude. :no_mouth:


Hey, your daughter’s getting married? Congrats! :grinning:


Congratulations to the happy couple!

Shotgun wedding? :smiley: (just kidding)

My oldest married last spring. Grand daughter 1 on the way.


Alright! Grandfather-hood!! Congratulations!
Start thinking of what you want to be ‘called’. :thinking:
I called mine ‘Pappy’, and now I am him! :sunglasses:


lol- don’t think of it as being thrown under the bus… think of it as “inspiration”! Btw, there are an amazing array of awesome materials at Johnson Plastics, specifically made to work well on a laser.

The little trees were made from LaserBits Maple veneer over an MDF core. The maple is already finished, so literally you can wipe the residue off with a wetnap or I used clorox wipes without need for masking and the surface already has a nice finish. The MDF is uniform and easy to cut through so you get consistent results. None of the inconsistency of Home depot plywood and less costly than proofgrade for the number of these I had to make. The finish color worked better for this too.

Other items are proofgrade wood from GF and card stock from the local AC Moore (black surface with a white core).


I jest :grin:
If I do half of what you did I would qualify as ‘Hero’. :+1:


Oh you’re in trouble now. They’ve already figured out other things can be Etsyied up.


Looks like you stole the show with all your creations!


Oh… you have no idea…lol


This is all great! You put in a lot of work, but it paid off!

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Love, love, love it all! Amazing job! Such a lucky couple to have you helping them with your talent.

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WOW! You really did it to the max! Amazing work!

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