My daughter just gave me this and asked if it was from my headphones. It was in the clean laundry.

I asked he to see if my headphones were in the pocket of my shorts which had just gone thru the washer and dryer. She brought them to me.

I was going to just throw them away, but said hey, what have I got to lose. Hit the power button and it powered up. Connected via Bluetooth and they worked!

This is GF Related because I tested it out on a GF YouTube video. :grin:


Your karma is extremely good! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Totally counts.


I misplaced one for two weeks (all the while it might have bitten me several times a day had it been a snake) and that battery has not worked again. So it was replaced and of three only one is loud enough to hear :frowning:

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That’s because they are waterproof, and the drier shouldn’t get any one thing above 80C, which is where most the plastics start to soften. Not surprised they still work!


So a few weeks ago I was snorkeling along the shore at the beach and came across an apple air pod. Never tested to to see if it worked.

Also glow forge related because I was looking for shells and then came home and saw a post about lasering shells. That counts right?


@Thumper369 :+1:

I JUST bought some headphones like those. As soon as I saw your first photo of a red ear tip, it brought to mind that I decided to order some spares and the package arrived a bit flatter than I was expecting. It was empty. Looked sort of like the seal on it didn’t take and the package of ear tips just fell out somewhere along the way.

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