Whole stripe missing from print [Resolved]

So, I have a bunch of text I’m engraving (dark graphic, if it matters). There seems to be a whole stripe it decided to skip. It has 2 1/2 hours to go… but it doesn’t seem like something it’s going to ‘go back to’.

The text shows up as present on the screen proof.

The progress screen shows it as a big blank. (I couldn’t get a screen shot of that… when I went back to the GFUI, it went away and I don’t know how to bring it back).

There are also just single letters missing. I’ve attached a screen shot of what should be there and highlighted or pointed to what seems to be missing.

Is this a known issue? Is it going to go back and ‘get it’? Have I ruined an entire sheet of maple?


I’ve had engraves go in bottom-to-top order, and some go in seemingly random order jumping all over the place. I’ve never had one not engrave everything by the end. I’d let it go and see what happens. :slight_smile:


well, that’s encouraging… :confused:

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Well, on the bright side, if (when) it does go back to the skipped section, you can start a “Things I’ve Learned Using My Glowforge” list with “don’t fret, patience is golden” at the top :wink:

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And I’d add that I’ve had this happen on very expensive specialty acrylic that I spent way too much money on. I was freaking out, ranting and raving in my studio. Then it went back and did the skipped letters and what-not. Had to remind myself to breath. I feel your pain.

  1. Patience is Golden
  2. Forum folks are comforting
  3. Everything is better when you can create it with fire
  4. Sometimes you can’t see the finished product until it is, surprise, finished.
  5. Did I mention burn it with fire?

It has gone back and filled in all the missing parts. Thank you for reassurances. :slight_smile:


A very good chance it will go back and hit it before it is done. I think @Tom_A had a freak out moment when this happened on a long engrave, with a couple of missing letters, but all turned out well.

I know it takes a minute longer - but it’s always worth it just to take a minute and watch the hi-speed preview. I’ve caught errors in my file that I was able to cancel the job before it started by watching the preview.


Indeed. Couldn’t believe it when it went back and filled in the missing letters at the end. And that was the day I decided to just “trust the process.” :slight_smile:

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I like that…might put it on an object or two! :sunglasses:

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You did the right thing, using the forum. It will most often be your quickest support. Here there be Wizards, both software, and hardware. Nothing official, but experience abounds.
All of it was unknown to me until I came here asked questions and did a lot of reading.

Click on Print again - it will unhide the progress pop-up.

Glad it all worked out… (did you weed all the mask out of the e’s and a’s and b’ and d’s…) :grinning:

That’s good to know too! I was sure it would pause the print or cause some other hinky jinks.

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Not yet, the letters are not big… so it’s going to take a bit of time. Trying to finish up some other Xmas prep first…

That’s one of the advantages of being a PRU tester. We did a lot of clicking and things even if it might wreck a print. When you’ve got something good in there you don’t want to possibly mess it up so you stick to what you know works. When you’re testing you take the risk you’ll mess something up but then sometimes you find things that save you time going forward :slightly_smiling_face: Lots of tricks & tips here - @jules keeps them collected.


@jules is a treasure box.