Who's going to MakerFaire NYC 2016!?


In a last minute decision, my wife and I are making our way up to NYC to see the glowforge in person.
We are actually visiting family, but they don’t live too far from where MakerFaire is going on and we really want to go!

I was wondering how many of you out there on Glowforge land will be making it out to the show.

Also I saw that @dan will be speaking on Saturday, but I can only go Sunday. I was wondering if I would still have the chance to meet Dan and shake his hand. This has been such an awesome adventure and I’d love to meet the people responsible for making the GF happen.

Which means all of you too!


I think Dan has had to cancel the New York event, but you’ll still get to see the machine in action, and maybe meet some of the gang, for which I am jealous.

(Too far away to make any of the shows…bummer!) :persevere:


I made a post awhile back to see who is going and on what days. You can edit by clicking on pencil and add your name in.


I added you name in :grinning: and crossed out @dan’s :cry:.




I wish I could be there with you! But there will be a big crew out there who’ll be delighted to meet you.


Happy Rashashana Dan and everyone else in the GlowforgeWorld.

Having a great time at Maker Fair.


I think I may be there showing what I can make with le Glowforge :smiley: I just reached out to the company for the grant because my application was accepted. Lets see what happens!


Well congrats! :grinning::balloon::tada::confetti_ball:



I just edited the title to make it clear this is an older thread. :slight_smile: