Whovian beginnings


So, after printing out a measury thingy as my traditional first print yesterday evening, today was my first day actually trying things out on my GF. First of all, as many have mentioned, it’s a really beautifully finished product, looks and feels “well worth the money” as my husband put it. Aside from a few Wifi issues when starting up (more to do with my network than the GF), I started trying out some of the designs I had drafted while waiting. I’m planning on working mainly on things revolving around nerdy pop culture - TV, movies, books, games…
First creation: a pendant and ring set, cut from the same square:

And separated, with the 2 part pendant assembled:

Second project: as I’m a knitter, a Dalek needle gauge seemed a natural place to start. Like the pendant it took a few tries and settings to get the file and the engraving depth right.

And the finished item…


Sweet designs! :grinning::+1:


That’s hilariously awesome. “WE… ARE… YOUR… NEEDLE GAUGE.”


I love your design style! That pendant/ring design is just amazing!


These are beautiful.


The Whovian in me is screaming in delight right now.!!


Actually I had a real problem getting the last part of the first attempt to run. It just wouldn’t TERMINATE!!! :wink:


Thanks all so glad you like them! It’s wonderful to finally be able to hold the things I designed months ago and find out what works and what doesn’t…


Does the Dalek remind you to ALTERNATE! your stitch.



Silly Discourse. It keeps asking me if that's really a complete sentence. It's more than a sentence. It's a command! And the next one is going to be EXTERRRMINATE!! if Discourse doesn't let me post this after adding these sentences.

Edit: It looks like Discourse got the message. After adding that it allowed me to post.


Discourse, our last line of defence against the Daleks infiltrating the forum. :smiley:


I need 2 hearts to like this post enough :wink:


True, in the first prototype the eye stalk and sucker were way too thin and fragile. I thickened them up a bit in later versions and they seem much sturdier, although of course, they’ll always be a weak spot (and I thought their weak spot was stairs :smiley: )

I’m thinking of selling these in my future etsy store to be honest, but if I change my mind I will certainly share it here. :wink: Most flattered that you asked though! :blush:
(Edit: @aumanjoi didn’t realise that it’s against board guidelines to ask to share designs, then apologised and deleted the post so that’s why there’s a gap here :wink: all good, nothing to see here!)


Honestly, that’s what I would do too so don’t blame you. I have seen another artist do the Tardis as a needle gauge and wanted to do something similar for my shop but want to make it unique and not take away from someone else. The Dalek bumps are the perfect way to do the gauges and was a “why didnt i think of that?” moment.


Haha, thanks! It’s been in the back of my mind for ages, so nice to see it come alive at last! Also the satisfaction of sticking needles through a Dalek is an added bonus :wink: There are plenty of circular things in Doctor who, especially all the Galifreyan bits, so there’s plenty of room for us all to play :wink:


:flushed: yeah my bad. all good now :slight_smile:


Great first projects! I see a lot of acrylic - I’m so excited for you to try other materials, too.


What is the material you used? They look great!


Really nice projects!


<3 well done! I’ve been wantin to do a Dr Who project for a while now!