Why am I seeing White when I want to change material?

We are experiencing some difficulties on multiple computers and devices when attempting to change materials on the website. It appears that the site crashes and displays a blank white screen. Since this problem is occurring across multiple computers, it is evident that the issue does not originate from our end. We have considered the possibility of an Internet problem, but since we are not encountering any issues with other sites, it seems unlikely. Therefore, we suspect there might be a problem on the GlowForge side. We are seeking information regarding the current state of the site. Additionally, we have tested different platforms such as Safari and Google Chrome on multiple computers, and the issue persists. We would appreciate it if you could provide us with an explanation for this situation.

Same here so it must be on their end! Hope they fix it quickly!!

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It’s a known issue that they are working on.


Same problem here.

It’s been fixed, so clear your browser cache and reload the page.


It has not been fixed, The problem is still on going for many of us Window users and clearing and restarting the computer has done nothing ,

It has been fixed. When there was an issue, 30+ people were here to report it. Since 6 hours ago, it’s been dead silent because there’s no longer a problem. The problem will stop for you as soon as you clear your cache. Here’s a guide to doing that in every Windows browser:


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