Why are engraved images lighter than engraved letters at the same speed&power settings

Question in the title! I’m trying to match a graphic to some supporting text and they aren’t even close. Both set to manual engrave with the same power & speed setting. What am I missing?

A graphic - being a bitmap graphic?

Part of what determines shades/values on a bitmap graphic is the color of the bitmap, and then the dot density settings.

It would probably be much easier to identify / fix if you want to upload your file.

Yes, bitmap. You’ve already given me some info to look for. I’ll be back if I’m still confused :slight_smile:

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Just thinking - might be easiest to use eye dropper and make the text match the bitmap color. And then rasterize the text.

You might also be able to use vary-power setting.

Just kind of depends on the bitmap. A few options exist :slight_smile:

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Ok, first question. When I upload the .svg file to a post here, the bitmaps disappear, leaving only the vectors. How do I upload a complete svg?

What program are you using? Look for an embed image option in the SVG save settings. And then it would be best to zip up the SVG. Discourse likes to strip things out of SVGs that could pose a security threat. I’m not sure if it strips out the image code.

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