Why are there nazi symbols in the art library?

I don’t think symbols for Nazi divisions like the SS should be in the library.

I found these while searching for “wolf”


(1) Glowforge “library” just links you to the Noun project, they don’t create that artwork

(2) Those are ancient ruinic symbols, generally called the Wolfsangel, believed to be able to ward off wolves… Much like the how the swastika is an ancient religious icon of hope and divinity.

It’s unfortunate they were adopted but that doesn’t change their original intent.


As @eflyguy says, the swastika symbol itself has been in use for millennia by ancient peoples and was only made a symbol of evil that it became in the 20th century. These noun project aberrations were also ancient in origin. Even today, one can see the swastika form on Native American textiles. Personally, I would take these symbols in an historical context not associated with the Natzis.


I have a Malaysian friend who had several pieces in her home with the swastika. It was even considered a sign of hope and divinity in Europe until, well, events transpired.


I have a remnant of a very old Navaho horse blanket that has the symbol on it.


I appreciate you bringing it up. It’s always better than saying nothing.


This video is a blow-by-blow takedown of the same BS that launched the Nazis still being pushed. But it does highlight the beliefs vs the reality of why the German Nazis went there…

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I agree. I looked at an old paper map of Honshu when I was stationed there in the navy and was shocked at first to see what I thought were swastikas. They were marking Buddhist shrines! I looked into it a bit more and found that it had been in use that way for thousands of years. A little research and study of the whys and hows of things lets us see more of what’s really going on with something.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention - I’m going to have the team look into this immediately.