Why can't I open free designs?

I was able to print the layered six pointed star design that is free to premium members once. I thought it was unlimited? If so, why can’t I open the design on my dashboard again to reprint? I also can’t open other designs that are free and on my dashboard. Thank you for your help!

Are they not opening, or are they opening blank? If the latter, you may have deleted the contents. You can reset them by clicking the 3 vertical dots in the menu bar, selecting “design details,” then clicking on “reset design.”


Thank you so much!!! and thank you for all the amazing designs to give us.

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I can’t get gift #13 without paying. All the free ones are showing A price now. I even tried to check out and figured it would change to zero but it didn’t. I am also seeing an option to upgrade to premium. However, I am already a premium member. I checked my manage premium subscription. It shows I’m still a member. Please help. Thank You

Make sure you’re still logged in once in the catalog.

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I am signed in. I logged off and then back on so many times. I even restarted my whole computer. Also, why does it keep telling me to upgrade to premium? I already am a premium member. I clicked on upgrade to premium and all it does is send me to my dashboard. It doesn’t show grift #13. I also cleared my browsing history. Still nothing. All free items in the catalog all show I need to pay.

Do I need to start my own post to get help? I have messaged the company twice already and got no response. It’s been 2 days trying to get this to work. Thanks

Yes @Mamaseeta, you should start your own ticket…there have been a few cases where support had to reset something to make sure that people had access to Premium. (No idea what causes it, but they can fix it.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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@jules ok I will do that. Thank You

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Thanks everyone! @Mamaseeta, sorry for the wait – we’ve replied to your email, so if you don’t see that reply, please open a forum post or write again!