Why do we have to press the button to print?

It’s a two-pack :wink:

Also buy 5 sets :wink:

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LOL stahhhhp!

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Nobody seems to have mentioned the important reason yet: the big button needs a purpose.




It is possible on at least the older epilogs to be able to pre press the button. We had a legend 24 tt that we replaced with the glowforge and if you hit go without selecting a job it would print the next job sent.

There is a story of a young man who had just inherited a farm and a Wizard shows up and hands him a bag of magic sand. β€œIf you place one grain of this sand in every part of this farm every day then you will prosper.”

So the young man did as he was told and on the way noticed many things that needed attention and fixed them.
As a very old man he ran out of sand and so looked into the bag and found a note that explained that it was his being in each of those places that was magical and not actually the sand.

The button on the Glowforge is a grain of that sand.