Why do we lose the Set Focus point when canceling a print?

I always Set Focus before a job, but nailing down the settings for this particular job has been an ordeal. Many starts and stops, and I’ve noticed something odd.

I haven’t opened the lid, I haven’t moved the material. I simply click Cancel, make a small adjustment in the UI, and start again. But the GF clears its focus height and resets to “default” scaling for the selected material, and I need to Set Focus again.


Somewhere in the company there is a S/W programmer asking, “why would anyone cancel a job if they didn’t intend to move the design or open the lid?” Just kidding of course. Your use case is not standard, but not unreasonable. They probably thought that if you were going to the trouble of using Set Focus for focus at a specific spot that if you cancelled the print your intent was to adjust the design placement. A new Set Focus measurement might be in order.


I had a similar complaint, and the reason I was given was that the tiniest difference in how the lid closes can make a huge difference in what the the lid sees that it needs a set focus again to get it right.

The concession I got was the set focus would not be abandoned instantly when the job it over as it did at the time but stay long enough to judge how close the cut had been.

But I’m not touching the lid, nor moving the design. I’m only changing the speed or power or dot density or… whatever.

And as far as “if you move the design, that focus point is invalid,” if I let a job finish I can move the design to the other side of the bed, and run the job again. The initial focus point remains.

So something about canceling a job is considered special.

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It’s a reasonable question.

I can’t figure out the logic for when it works and doesn’t. Often times it is grayed out.

This seems like something they could easily improve. Has anyone seen the Hopper lately? Is there any room left?


We don’t see it, but they add feature requests. I’m sure this one will be added as well.

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I’ll add my vote that it would be very convenient and time-saving for the focus setting to remain consistent until you decide to run ‘Set Focus’ again. A lot of the time I’m using the same material consistently and would prefer to not have to Set Focus every single time I open the lid.

– Perhaps there could even be a number display somewhere in the interface that shows what depth it currently has the head focused to.

I endorse both of these ideas.

I don’t even see why opening the lid should wipe out focus. OK, when you close the lid, the image may be a little off, but it is a little off every time already.

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Just to make sure we stay on topic here, I don’t think the focus point should be retained if I open and close the lid. There are too many variables at that point, too many opportunities for people to ask questions about alignment.

I am very curious to find out, in this thread, why the focus point is lost when canceling a job.

As mentioned it is the current action only. before it jumped back to default (0) if you are using material that is 0.25 and you type that at the top as before (not the individual layer), then it will default to that and set focus will go to there after the cut is past.

I hate to say it like this, but …



It was worse before and I was able to get them to make it a shade better but that also made it a bit more confusing how it acted.

You can always go back to the original method of typing in a height and when you open the lid etc that will be the default height everything reverts to.

I’m not opening the lid. I’m pressing Cancel in the UI.

Nothing has moved, nothing has changed, nothing has been altered with the job. Press Cancel in the UI, and the focus point is lost. There’s no reason for this to happen that I can deduce. If there is a reason, I’d just like the GF team to clear it up for me.

I walked those very footsteps a while back. The way it works is you set it up and run the program and when the program reverts because it ran (or if you canceled) set focus goes away.

But here’s the thing you’re missing; if I let the job run to completion, the focus point is retained. I can run job after job on the same material, and as long as I don’t lift the lid, it uses the initial focus point.

Again, something is special about canceling.

I’m sorry for the delay in response to this thread. I’ve done some testing and I can confirm that this is expected behavior (the Set Focus value is lost when the bed image refreshes after a print is cancelled). However, I totally understand how this may not be ideal, so I’ve passed the information on to the team. Thanks for letting us know about this!

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