Why does customer support take forever to reply?

I’m so frustrated on why does it take customer support to reply so long? Is this normal?

One business day is their typical response. That’s not “forever”.

They do get slowed down when people post here after already sending an email, as that creates duplicate tickets to deal with for one issue.

You’ve presumably been emailing them. By posting here in P&S you’ve now opened another support ticket. I have a theory that if they didn’t have to deal with so many duplicate tickets they’d be able to get to the actual issues sooner, but that’s just my theory. And I’m not griping at you; everybody probably does it the first time. :wink: Just letting you know for next time.

I’ve been noticing them frequently responding within a few hours here on the forum, which feels like forever when you have a problem, but is actually pretty good. So hang tight.

Meanwhile, if you’d care to share a few details while we wait for them to close this duplicate ticket and respond to your original one, we (fellow users) might be able to help you get a head start on troubleshooting. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sooo, is it better communicating with them here or just emailing them? :thinking:

Neither is better. Post here if you want suggestions from the community while you wait for support, or email if you don’t.

Either way, it opens a support ticket, which goes into a queue.

It’s covered in Dan’s forum description posts at the top of this forum section.


There’s also a global pandemic in effect. Life is not normal.

The forum will give you all the reasons in the world but bottom line is it has been that way from day one. Haven’t seen much of a change in several years. Don’t know whether the company is doing the right thing with support or not. Might be strictly a cost decision. Might be a control on quality thing. Might be a lack of available hires. It has always been frustrating. But at least problems are eventually addressed.

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Well, to be fair, expected response was three business days just a few months ago, and sometimes it was significantly longer.

It’s improved significantly since the turn of the year.


I’m sorry for the delay in communication lately. We appreciate your feedback, as it helps us improve our process. We have been managing the impact of COVID-19 and our goal is a 24 hour response time. We can follow up with you through email with further assistance. I’m going to close this topic.