Why does GF change the size of art work when a set size for work was set in other app


Never on purpose. SVG files may or may not contain any actual set size in inches/mm, rather things are defined in pixels and the software has to guess/assume what DPI the creating software intended to convert from pixels to print sizes. For the most part, it gets it right. If you use Illustrator you have to adjust some settings to have the DPI match between the two programs – unchecking “responsive” on the dialog that pops up when you save as SVG for one.


I run my images through Imag-r and size it there. I have no choice other than PNG or JPG to download from there. In Imag-r my size, lets say, is 6"x6". When I upload to GF it is “always” wrong (close to 10"x10"). How do I correct this because it really messes with the image

And for most of the part (actually always) gets it wrong

Raster images like PNG and JPG files have no physical size. They are just a grid of pixels, each with a color. Nothing in the file says you intend to print it at 6" vs 10". There is nothing you can do to change that. You can embed the picture inside a file format that does contain print size information, like PDF. Otherwise you will need to resize it in the GF app.

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Or figure out how to create a 1inch(or 2cm) line and then scale it properly in the GF print screen.

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JPG metadata specifies DPI, which when multiplied by the dimension of the bitmap image does result in a specific size. But not all programs set the metadata and not all programs pay attention to the metadata, so it’s easy for the size to be lost in translation.

PNG has a “PPM” (Pixels Per Meter) metadata field that does the same thing as DPI.

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Which “other app” are you using? There might be a setting in it to correct for that.

In over 4yrs, I’ve never had a file I designed (in Inkscape) print at the wrong size.

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I still design in Inkscape and have no problems but have changed my visions from working in Inkscape to engraving photos and images. So I work in Imag-r a lot which I can only download from there as a PNG or a JPG. I can upload onto GF from there but Gf doesn’t totally recognize the sizes that I have designated for images and changes them. I was just told last night converting them over to an SVG file will solve this. Don’t know yet but will try later today

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