Why does it not select objects based on colors?

So I have this tray bottom with a hundred cuts inside it that I need to move around. Why can I not get it to select it like a group. The objects are identical in color and present as a single operation.
If I am not very careful to fence select, it might move just the outline, or worse a single square. The objects are all one color and should move as if they were one “Layer”, or have a way to lock them together.

If you look carefully, I have already messed up the holes near the lower left of one of the sides. We really should be able to completely turn off objects so they do not appear in the work area on the right, but still be able to access them in the operations on the left.

I’m going to put in my vote again for being able to pick our own colors for operations in the GFUI. Magenta Red and Grey sometimes don’t work so well.


Would be a good feature.


The layers are only good for setting cutting settings, you can move any parts that are-not surrounded by a closed vector but I do not now expect that unless you use combine to make them all one piece

I agree that it would be great to have some more powerful selection and editing features in the UI.


Objects that are completely enclosed/surrounded by another shape are treated as grouped with the shape that surrounds it.

My guess is that the outlining shape is made up of individual/broken line segments thus it is not seen as a single item and the shapes inside it are not considered part of the object.

Either join and close the outline path, or draw a closed rectangle around the group and set it to yet another color that you can set the GFUI to ignore.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.