Why does it take so long for the Glowforge to focus. Sometimes as long as 30 minutes

My glowforge doesn’t always focus immediately. Sometimes I wait for up to 30 minutes.

The camera on the lid focuses on the :glowforge: on the top of the head. If when the machine is off, if you move the head there it can shorten the time.
If the camera is dirty or the :glowforge: is not clear that could be part of the problem. A strong light shining on the Glowforge can also mess the time needed.


It also can be wifi issues.


I would definitely take the following steps:

  1. using a zeiss wipe, clean the camera lens (in the lid) and the mirror on the side of the print head.
  2. make sure there isn’t anything else in the machine other than your material (that is 1/2" or less, if your crumb tray is in the machine).
  3. consider the room lighting. is there a bright light close to the machine? If yes, try turning it off. Also, is the machine indoors in a room that is roughly between 60-80ish degrees?
  4. try connecting with a cell phone hot spot, to help rule out an issue with your wifi.

Slow to start up? Wifi.

Slow to focus? Wifi.

Slow to process and light up the button? Believe it or not, wifi.

But yeah, lighting can be a problem too. I’d start by putting a towel over the top to eliminate outside light. Still having problems focussing? Wifi.

You say your wifi is great and no other device has problems? The Glowforge is extra fussy.


For the longest time I had wifi issues that turned out being my AppleTV being on the same channel. Gave each device their own dedicated channel and all problems went away.


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