Why does my glowforge cut twice when only 1 pass is selected?

My Glowforge sometimes cuts twice over a cut path but only 1 pass is selected. Any body have a solution?

Almost always because you have 2 lines defined. It may look like only one but if you delete one you’ll see another one still there.


The Glowforge will never add passes on its own. If you didn’t tell it to make multiple passes in the cut settings, then it’s following multiple paths in your design file. It can easily look like just one line if you have two overlapping lines, or two lines with a fill in between them from e.g. tracing a bitmap/raster graphic to convert it to vector. Go back to your design in whatever software you used to make it, put it on outline mode so you only see the paths without any strokes/fills added, and zoom in – you’ll find that second cut path.


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