Why does the Glowforge have a flashlight on the print head?

So I’m waiting on replacement #2 for my broken Glowforge right now and am a bit stir crazy unable to restock my store. I’ve been wondering something and thought maybe someone in this forum would know.

My Glowforge went insane, the laser tube stopped firing and started smoking, and the big button on top of the machine turned PURPLE – a color I didn’t even know meant something.

When that happened, everything on my print head turned itself on. It was in the center of the machine over a piece of wood, and the red dot for the autofocus was permanently lit, and on the other side of the print head, there was a bright white light shining down on my material.

So now I know there’s a flashlight built into the print head.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that turn on before, so why is it there?

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It’s a camera flash, of sorts. It turns on after every print as it takes the final “send home to the mothership” pic.


Oh, wow. What a catastrophe. Wonder what happened. I guess we’ll never know.

Yeah, my PRU died in a purple button incident…

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