Why does this cut twice?

Hi! Can one of my fellow geniuses explain to me why the border of this catan board cuts twice? I checked for duplicate paths. There is something funky going on in this file, but I am struggling to understand what it is. Thanks!!borders.svg.zip|attachment (970.7 KB)

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I’m not one to give advice on how to fix it. There are definitely multiple paths. If I select the individual nodes in the border using Inkscape and drag a few aside you can see the hidden paths. Hopefully someone can give instructions on how to fix, or at least how to avoid it in the future.


This file has a ton of hidden layers in it:

If I were you, I would export just the vectors you want to cut/engrave to a new SVG to simplify it. I can just about guarantee you’ll have a lot less trouble with it.


the path wraps back around itself on the zig-zag side of each piece, from interconnect tab to interconnect slot. Erase the extraneous part of the path and all will be well.
(to save lots of time, I would just fix one of them, and then copy/paste that one in place)


Thank you! I totally didn’t notice that

I have discovered a great way to fix that in Inkscape! In the top roll when in node mode there are four buttons for dividing nodes and putting nodes together. The last one on the list removes the line but leaves the nodes so the laser will not go there. If you have two pieces of geometry edge to edge and only want the laser to cut once you can use that to remove the extra cut line. If you have a rectangle and remove the line on three sides you have a line that is a single cut. I saved just that as a file and use it when I just want to cut a piece into two pieces.