Why don't the fans run when cooling down?

It got a little warm in the workshop this evening, When I opened the GFUI I got the cooling alert and the yellow button on the Pro. Why is the blower not moving to help extract heat?

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Thanks for posting about this.

Could you try cleaning your exhaust according to these instructions: https://glowforge.com/support/topic/cleaning-service-and-moving/cleaning#cleaning_exhaust

Then try another print and let me know how it goes!

@jaz, I’m confused. In my experience, too, when there’s a cooling alert, the exhaust fan does not initiate. Your response seems to indicate that it should. Please clarify.



I’m sorry for the confusion. I misunderstood the type of cool down during which you reported the fan wasn’t running.

Thank you for the feedback on the cooling alert – I’ve passed it on to the team.

Cleaning the fans can help if your unit needs to cool down more often than expected.

I’m going to close this topic. If you have any other questions, please post a new one.