Why GF

why choose GF over other laser cutting (epilog, universal laser system…)

I think for most of us it’s a combination of price point + ease of use. Glowforge is potentially a very disruptive technology on both fronts.


Price, Ease of Use (hopefully)

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By far the coolest name.


I bought it because @dan told me to.


for small business and hobbiests that’s small footprint and good price. I would love to get the Rayjet Trodac but it’s way more then I need right now

I’m new to laser cutting/engraving. And it is a hobby to go alongside my 3d printers. That said, I guess I just seem to believe in this product. After buying, I did look into other brands. I can’t seem to find another that offers all the capabilities of this at the price point this does… and I’m talking the 4k version, not the 2k. Either they are Chinese made and have a reputation of unreliability, or they don’t offer certain things (ie, passthrough, depth of engraving, camera/alignment). Then, when I finally find 1 that seems to compare, I find the company is a total sham and stealing money from customers. :slight_smile: So in the end, I believe in you Glowforge… please now just get it in my hands quickly. :slight_smile:


I’ve been passively looking at laser cutters/engravers for a couple of years now. The reason I pulled the trigger on the Glowforge is the price point, the ease of use, and some of the really cool features they added to it (3D autofocus, design with a pen, preview print, etc).
Reasons I’m happy with my decision:
Glowforge and @dan are very active with the community;
they are addressing peoples concerns and comments very quickly;
they appear to have a very high commitment to quality!
To quote @az2002ro

I’ve always wanted a GF, so I could change my status on Facebook.


Air filter, pass thru (pro model) and camera registration system coupled with preorder price point.
Some work locations simply can’t accommodate venting.

Why GF? True story: On Sept 24th I was sitting in a craft brewery eating dinner and looking at a technology news feed on my tablet. The brewmaster had just tapped a new beer with a much higher alcohol content that normal. 90 minutes later I pulled the trigger on a Glowforge. Most expensive beer I ever had. Not sorry in the least.


…they say you shouldn’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry just for that reason!

Price point, ease of use, and what appears to be a strong presence online and with “Makers,” were the biggest draws. I don’t know anything about this field, but am very enthused to learn more. Hopefully we will be able to plug it in and play! I’m all for tinkering, but this is the only product that made me feel confident that I would actually be able to use it without hitting a very steep learning curve.