Why I have to cancel my glowforge

My wife said the embroidery kit box I made her is “the best thing ever” which is somewhat disheartening since I’ve made a truckload of stuff over the years. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And what made it “the best” was a throw-in I did at the end - I glued a large (1" dia) neodymium magnet under the lid in the upper corner so she can just drop her needle and tiny scissors on it and they stick.

Just goes to show the forum is invaluable - I’m not likely to have made the box if it weren’t for a suggestion here :slightly_smiling_face:


Just a thought… https://youtu.be/t7Y0I91rubg

I would have cancelled long ago if it wasn’t for my wife. I guess that means she’s a keeper.


This is awesome!

Since we’re going down this rabbit hole.


"I bought Super Bowl tickets last year, and it turns out I’m getting married on that date so I wont be able to make it.
If you would like to take my place, her name is Susan, she’ll be the blond in the white dress.


And I can only like this once?

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:coffee: + :speaking_head: + :computer:


Did you cancel after all?

I hope you didn’t… emails for production units have been slowly showing up.

I’m guessing he did cancel and must be kicking him self if he is now seeing these postings. Must be rough knowing you ran a good race just to come up short.


So something happened, and I don’t feel particularly proud of it, but I’ll share it with you guys anyway.

We had a rough patch, and marriage-wise it was getting kind of tough… so what did I do to put a finger in the glowforge-argument-dam? I did what any terrible person would do- I lied :lying_face:

I said I would cancel the glowforge- and at first I totally intended to do so, which is why I wrote the original post in the first place. Only… then I just… didn’t.

My wife asked if I had cancelled, and I said that I had, but that the company never replied to my request. Obviously this was a crappy move on many levels, and I’m no dummy, I realized that at the time too. I painted the far-away mysterious Glowforge folks as the bad guys, and took the stance that I was a good husband just trying to do my best. I know… that’s super awful. It is.

Meanwhile, I knew we did NOT need the money back. It would go straight into buying a new $5K couch, when our current couch is aesthetically and functionally perfect. So there’s that.

It’s also not like we have a nagging monthly payment- the thing was paid off two years ago, and in my mind the money is spent (not hers though, obviously!)

I also knew that once it was actually HERE, the fight would be over. We’ve been together long enough, that I have that mechanic figured out.

I have worked with laser engravers A LOT, and this machine will facilitate my growth into advanced woodworking techniques at home as well as (hopefully!) design catalog participation in the future. I feel like this is something my daughter might grow to be fascinated by, and develop in her an appreciation for making things using your imagination. I know very well what these machines can do, and I’ve never had one in my home- so having one directly at my beck and call any given day will be incredible. In short, I was selfish. And knowing that, it doesn’t feel very good… but that’s what it boils down to, I was very selfish.

…So I threw caution to the wind, potentially throwing a match on an already fiery stint in our relationship.

…So I threw my morals out the window, and did exactly what I knew an awful person would’ve done, and to the extent of painting the Glowforge folks as the bad guys, what a coward would’ve done.

…So I got my email, and my glowforge arrives soon.


Hope the Mrs. does not read the forum as you had previously encouraged her to do :slight_smile:


You made the right decision… as an owner, my unit began having troubles on the second job. Now I can’t cut a 4x6 square that is straight.

:crazy_face: Yes! (Fist pump) Ok. Your first moves need to be for Her. Something to sparkle up the kitchen - A cutting board! Earrings! … um… um… Flowers! Flowers are good.
She will forgive you… eventually.

Mine has a problem with change. I learned to just do it. The repercussions were equivalent to the argument we would have had. :grimacing:


Well that’s handy, given that you may be sleeping there for a while :wink:


I hope you’ve reported that to customer support. Though having a machine malfunction is a pain in the butt, they’ve been very good to make things right in a timely manor for those whoes units don’t work right.

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Well that’s handy, given that you may be sleeping there for a while

This made me laugh for real.


Never once, despite my encouragement

Good. I’m glad that you took it in the spirit that it was intended :slight_smile:

Now you’d better get hot designing an amazing peace offering for your wife!


My father-in-law’s advice for dealing with things was: just tell her what she wants to hear, then do what you want. Then you’re both happy.

…and then my mother-in-law agreed…

I really don’t understand their relationship but it did explain a lot.


A moment of silence for dead man walking. Your a brave man I don’t that shit from no one except for the love of my life she rules me.