Why is it always a holiday weekend?

My GF hasn’t been able to find its head- I have to center it under the camera before I turn it on- and now it won’t cut through - even PG. It always happens on a holiday weekend. Yesterday I found a scratch on the lens, so I replaced it and the one on the L side of the head. Now it can’t find its head, it won’t cut through AND it’s so hot that 2 passes burns through the plywood veneer and one melts /warps med acrylic so that it reseals the cuts or/and is too out of shape to use.

What are you making?
Sorry to hear about your :glowforge:

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It is worrisome that the printhead gets hot. I suggest putting back the old lens and window, checking the mirror and doing a small test cut.

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Us from the UK call it sod’s law… sorry it’s playing up, hope you can resolve it quickly!


Is your lens in upside down? That would explain the poor cutting.

Also check your lid camera lens and the top of the print head, they both need to be very clean. The camera is looking for the head shape and glowforge logo, it can’t center without it.

Also also try to find the head without any materials in the Glowforge (a naked honeycomb). If you’re loading it up with material before you turn it on (especially if that material has already been cut and has rectangular holes in it) it can confuse the centering software.

Moving to community support to see if anyone else has any ideas.


Thanks for the suggestions!

I was making a design of my own that is kind of my own take on an ancient vase.

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Check that the white cable that attaches to the head is fully locked in. I’ve had that come loose about once a year, and my Glowforge will get stuck in start up mode. It needs to be fully locked, not just looking like it is.


Thanks for all the great suggestions. It cut through 1/16” but not 1/8” which is an improvement. Got my wet lens wipes (finally!) and cleaned lenses and it found its own head! You all helped so much!


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