Why is it every time I have an order to fill issues arise

So what are the reasons why my machine will not start homing? My Lid is down and it says homing but nothing happens.

For tech reference.

5/31 around 9:30pm central time

White cable not fully snapped in, maybe?

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Not it.

It moves to center but won’t complete

Camera (and top of head) is clean?
Using reflective/dark material in the bed?
Bright lights shining in?

If it’s none of those, then it’s down to either wifi or hardware.

It’s not wifi

I’m trying different materials on the bed. No materials on the bed. …

Holy crap it Finally completed after abou 20 time on and off

Now scanning won’t complete. :rage::rage::rage:

Finally cutting after 30 minutes or more of messing around



That’s EXACTLY where my brain goes whenever anyone says “it’s not wifi.” It’s the one thing we can’t actually rule out, except by identifying a different cause. :slight_smile:

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Haha. I had a conversation with someone locally who was having non-GF problems with their wifi and slow internet connections. They even had the phone company come in and check as it was a DSL connection. The company actually told them that they had too much phone line in their house from the wall to the modem and in the walls. Said there wasn’t anything they could do. They had swapped out the modem and had basically resigned themselves to having horrible internet/wifi speeds. I told her to start turning off everything non-essential in the house to see if she was getting any RF interference. I was told by so-called “profeshunuls” that there was no way RF interference was causing her to drop wifi connection and have slow DSL speeds. The phone company called me crazy. I just told her that if I was wrong, it wasn’t going to hurt anything to test, now would it?

Then she remembered something. About the same time the problem started occurring they had rearranged their living room where the modem was located and one of the things they did was move their cordless phone right next to the modem. She moved that to the other side of the room and poof. All their wifi issues went away and their DSL speed was suddenly better on their wired connection.

Hate it when someone dismisses a suggestion out of pocket because they didn’t learn it in school. 30 years of real-world IT experience counts for something. The weird things you pick up in the wild would cause the typical computer science student’s brain to explode. :rofl:


Yep :slightly_smiling_face: I wonder how many wifi problems are caused by noisy microwave ovens (that also operate at 2.45GHZ). If you notice an issue when you submit a job & someone throws a cup of coffee in the microwave…:grin:


This may be a symptom of people not growing up with analog TV antennas. I remember how moving my arm could literally change the reception on the TV across the room.



Are you the Designs by Phil that makes the Demon Controller?


THIS! “Stand right there, don’t move, I really want to watch this show!” :roll_eyes:


I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag. I’ve extracted the log files from your Glowforge to review your most recent prints, and compare it with the details you’ve provided.

Based on the logs, its likely that the trouble you’re experiencing is related to the black lid cable inside of your Glowforge, and it will need to be replaced. I’ll close this thread, and reach out to you directly via email for getting this cable replaced.

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