Why is it scanning

im at my wits end

both y dad and I have emailed about our machine ver the last 5 days , getting a generic response that they are busy at the moment

The glowforge is stuck on scanning

now this happened after cleaning , so we sprayed all the connections with wd40 contact stuff ( dads this guy ive no idea what its called ) let to dry for three whole days

turned it back on still stuck on scanning

checked the wifi connection, reset the wifi connection…all is goo d
beds clean
glowforge head is clean
all connections to cables are secure

now im assuming its the black cable …however they are not getting back to me and im in dire need as this is our family business we are already on a refurbished machine sent from them after 2 of ours have both given up before the warranty ran out

seriously contemplating a different laser now

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It’s possible that you got something wet and shorted out an electrical connection.

I suggest trying to call the support number during the week.


ive been calling and emailing for a week! now the circuit has blown just going to bin it!

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Probably for the best.

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If you got a circut board wet so that it shorted out, fixing something else will not repair it. You will likely be able to get another refurbished machine at some cost lower than purchasing a new one from someone else.

Any brand that you get a circut board wet will be as likely to fail.



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There’s been no wait time at all for the phone line most of the week. Are you sure you’re calling the right company? (855) 338- 2122

All comparable lasers need maintenance and repairs. My bigger, “better” laser from another brand killed itself after just a few months – rubbed away the insulation on its z-axis board wires going through the drag chains until the wires shorted themselves. The company sent me 8 feet of wire harnesses and a 4-hour video filmed at their factory detailing how to tear down and rebuild the machine from scratch. That was considered satisfying their warranty. I was glad I had my Glowforge Pro to use until I had time for that “fun” repair project.

Glowforges are some of the simplest and easiest to repair CO2 lasers on the market. They’re well-engineered and need minimal maintenance. The grass isn’t actually greener on the other side. Just don’t spray cleaners into them, that’s never needed.


I’ve rang and I’ve rang
I’ve emailed and I’ve emailed

This is my second refurbished machine in a year!

Takes them 8 days to reply to emails they send asking questions

Now they tell me I can’t get the parts in the uk and want 1300 pound to fix the black cable and circuit and postage to and from

It’s not that I think other machines are better or even easier but il feel you what I don’t have that issue with my omtech when it comes to customer service !

They have uk stockists but no one that sells parts … then they won’t ship the parts to the uk ! So I could fix the issue myself for Less that £200 but they want £1300 because the parts are not stocked in the uk is madness

Replied to a new email thread asking about a bulk buy for a business in 24 hours though to me that says it all

I’m mega disappointed because you’re right the Glowforge is one of the easiest machines in the market and I love the software however I’m not willing to keep chasing a company that have had 12,000 quid off me in a two years

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