Why is there a difference in these engraved images?

I am burning eight of these at one time. All are the same file with the same settings. My GF has engraved four like the one on the right, and one like the one on the left. The only difference is placement. What could cause this?


My first thought was a difference in material, and on closer inspection the wood on that one looks quite a bit different from the one next to it. That’s likely the issue.


Yeah. I’d agree. The grain looks different. Less finished. Might be as simple as it being the other side of the sheet. Coarser grain will change the engrave quality.

The wood is the same, so it must be a different part of the sheet as you mentioned. I am cutting eight of these and there are at least four variations. I guess that’s to be expected when dealing with wood.


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At least it doesn’t look bad. :blush:

Did the bottom left one get engraved twice?

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I dunno, the background on the left one looks more like digital artifacting to me than a simple material variation. I feel like I can see much more pronounced steps in the curves as well.

What is the file type?
Raster or vector, or a combination?

Is the file one copy of the image, that you are running one after the other?
Or is it a file with one copy of the image that you duplicated in the GFUI to run as one job?
or is it a single file that contains eight copies of the art, run as one job?

If you feel like uploading the file you are using to print, some of us might be willing to poke around and see if there is anything that looks weird or see if we can replicate your results.

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I agree and it looks to be more than a material issue to me and my first thought was an error from copying the file. The compression on the bad engraving also looks similar to the compression issues I get with PDFs.

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the varying print results.

As others have stated, the composition of the material seems to be attributing to the different results.

Since this issue is being seen on materials other than Proofgrade, I’m going to move this discussion to the Beyond the Manual section so it can continue there!

I think this is a bug somewhere in the system. I’ve had someone else reach out to me before asking about this on a series of 16 they were running. A number of them turned out very dotty and artifacted when it was the same file.

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Hmm, that does make it seem like a bug. Had they made the copies of the artwork inside the GUI, or in their editing software?

I can’t recall with 100% certainty (it’s been more than a day :joy:), but pretty sure within the GUI.

Could the last one be printed on the back, unlike the others? It does look like artifacts, but the wood is so much grainier. When I enlarged the photos, the right one appeared similar to a much lesser extent.

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