Why is this cutting 3 times?

I was hoping that someone could help me figure this out. I’ve made this “wall art” for a customer and where the loop on the top hangs on the nail, that gap wants to cut like 3 times but I don’t tell it to. Any ideas as to why this would happen if I didn’t specify the 3 passes?


Here is the file attached for your perusal. Maybe, somehow, in the file there is a reason. Enjoy that file too btw. I don’t mind putting it out there for others to use. TIA!


Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the green line is supposed to be a score and the rest are cut lines.


Pretty simple explanation. There are three lines overlaid in that area. Ungroup and delete two of them.


Thanks! I’ll get rid of them. I have no idea why there would be multiple lines, I don’t remember making them but thanks again!

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I don’t pretend to know why or how to avoid those problems before trying to print. But there are three overlaid lines.


My technique is:

  • select all the paths
  • increase stroke size (optional, but makes it easier to see)
  • set opacity to 50%

Any place that has overlapping strokes/fills will be obvious. Delete the duplicates and reset your opacity.


You’ll also develop an eye for it… I could see just from this preview that there were lines stacked on top of one another. See the difference in thickness just from the preview here?


Here’s an illustration of the opacity method:

You can see how dark the overlapping line between Lincoln Park and Lyell-Otis is compared to the outer border on the left.


Thank you for offering your file for everyone. That’s very kind of you!

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