Why my GF exhaust wasn't working... Problem was elsewhere

So recently one of my GF was not clearing the smoke as well as normal, I cleaned the exhaust fan and grille again and again. Then I looked at the external fan!!!

And no, the banana was not in the fan!


Which model fan do you have?

It is a one of these:

In the UK I couldn’t get the fan that everyone in the US uses - is it the S6?

I think the main cause of the buildup is from damp - I don’t have blast gate - and it makes the residues very sticky. Had to quite chisel at this to get it off.


I could sell that to pot heads, they would smoke that stuff!!


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Possibly moisture as mentioned. A dryer exhaust flap system will work to mitigate that. I measured the flow and the one piece flap model I have did not make any noticeable difference (stymies most bugs also).

What you are doing is another large part. I noticed a lot of cleaning was required when I was into the heavy 3D print rabbit hole (every 8+ deep engraves).
That resin residue glues the unburnt wood debris and really piles up fast.

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