Why so noisy at 'idle'?

What is the GF doing when idle that it needs to make any noise?

Circulating pump. (Fluid in the tube.)

You would think they would stop that while idle and extend its life.
(not to mention the sanity of anyone in the same room w/ an idle GF :slight_smile: )

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Chuckle! I’ve gotten used to it. :smile:

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I’ve considered putting a remote switch on the power cord to let me cut the AC rather than running back and forth to power it up/off, but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing to do or not.

Might be harder on it overall to shut it off and flip it back on if you are planning to use it more than once during the day. You have to run through the whole startup calibration each time.

(I know it gets warmer if the fan isn’t running though, so don’t know for sure which way is better.)