Why was my topic closed?

I was about to reply to @dan in my previous discussion titled: “Forum User Requests Update on the Pro Model”, but I see that someone closed the topic.

Can I find out why, and if that was done in error?

Looks like Dan closed it because he answered your questions.


If that is the case, then I will at laest leave my reply to @dan here:

Thanks @dan for replying to some of my questions. To be honest, my level of confidence has two sides:

  1. I am confident that you and your team are honest people, and are not trying to cheat anyone with a bad deal, if you can help it. But,

  2. My level of confidence dips very low when I hear that just 3 months prior to shipping, production methods (as mentioned in the most recent April update), software for the pass-through (pro model), etc., etc. have not yet been fully ironed out. So, my fear is (possibly) getting a machine that operates at the basic level of engraving and cutting, but suffers from a lag of necessary updates that would be required to make it “complete”. And, that may take a back seat to shipping more pre-ordered and post pre-ordered machines.

I had received notification from Epilog Laser Company (I am on their waiting list) for a manufacturer reconditioned and warranted Epilog Mini 24 Laser (24" x 12"). I am thinking of taking advantage of that deal. It is way more expensive than the GF Pro model, but I like the fact that it does not rely on the cloud for it’s software, and it is very well made, and very well regarded in the industry.

If I can secure that reconditioned Epilog, I will then consider canceling my GF pre-order, otherwise I will be checking on other deals from Epilog as they become available in the upcoming couple of weeks. Can you please remind me again who to contact to cancel my order and get a refund?


https://glowforge.com/cancel-pre-order (You have to log in to see it.)


Even if the Pro ships without some of the advanced features, like pass-through and double-sided cutting, it will still be a bargain, considering it has the higher quality optics and more powerful tube. Plus, we’re all hoping that over time, they’ll push the advanced features in software.

I’d say get the Epilog, but keep your place in line with the 'Forge if you can afford it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. You’ll not lose anything if you wait to the last minute to cancel.


I think your previous thread was closed because some forum participants were misinterpreting the tone of your post.

I get the impressions that you are not an English-first language North American. [Note: I reserve the right to be completely wrong]. A majority of forum participants are (English-first speaking, North Americans), meaning they are more likely to interpret your direct tone as hostile, when it is not.

As somebody mentioned in the previous thread, the Internet is not very good at conveying tone. Using your second (or third) language and living in a different culture can add to the misunderstandings.

It helps if posters review their posts a few times before final submission, and it helps if the people replying try to read the original post in the the best light they can. That being said, asking the kind and helpful people of the GF forum to not be kind and helpful will likely cause some hurt feelings. If you want a direct reply from support, there is an email for that.


Hi @Scott.Burns and @andistarnes,

Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful posts. You did not attack me like some others did in the previous topic. @Scott.Burns, you make a good point.

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Oh, wow, thanks for the free analysis of my background. Although I speak another language, English IS my 1st language, and I live in the USA (not in another culture, as you speculate)!! You could’ve just stopped after you made your point about the Internet not being very good at conveying tone.

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I could have, but I try to read things in the best light I can - it was the impression I received from reading your posts. I hereby claim my reservation (to be wrong about your background).

These kind of discussions don’t really add anything to information about the product, so they tend to get shut down. This forum is not a great place to learn about (or police) Internet etiquette.


Why was your thread closed? Short answer: your opening post was filled with vitriol, the other forum members responded with vitriol. The thread started in a low place and was going downhill quickly. Sometimes it’s better to nip these things in the bud.


Asking for an update on the working status of a product = vitriol in your mind???

Amazing how some people are so blind, yet they claim to see so clearly!!!

I will not be responding to any posts on this forum!!! Some (not all) here think they are better than others, and other mortals have no right to express an opinion or ask questions!!!

You may be able to control people in your immediate circle, but you should not think you can dictate to me when or how I ask a question!!!


Would you like me to cite some?


I think it’s an aspect of the culture of the forum here and many internet forums for specific products or companies that requests for answers only from staff come across as angry demands with pitchforks and torches. From there things I think went a bit crazy.


Bear in mind that many of us have been active on these forums for the entirety of their existence. We have come to know each other, and we know that many of us have great knowledge. Many of us have read and been up to date on most of the posts here, and in particular the monthly updates. So, demanding that we not respond is rather insulting when we can (and did) point you to said updates which gave a recent status of the exact items you were asking about, and/or give you insight on the typical activity of the staff and how they respond to things.


Now that @szara’s questions have been answered, I think this thread is ready to be locked too.


“Let me start by saying that I do not want to hear from you”[quote=“szara, post:12, topic:7159”]
Some (not all) here think they are better than others, and other mortals have no right to express an opinion

you should not think you can dictate to me when or how I ask or answer a question in a public forum.


@szara, I appreciate your frustration about the lack of information about the status of the Pro. You are absolutely in the right with your questions and desire for information. As @Dent superbly pointed out, that nature of this forum and the culture that has developed over the last year and half have made it so that a question posed to Glowforge staff alone, especially so pointed in dismissing forum regulars from participating in the discussion, seems very out of place.

I hope we can continue to highlight the substance of posts that we have issues with and not focus on the forum participant’s character or personality. Indeed, that is one of the biggest challenges that all humans face. In my tradition we say love the sinner, hate the sin. And that may sound like a loaded statement, but it really is meant in good faith.

Anyone who has kept their money with Glowforge for the last year and a half deserves respect and attention. That is a big commitment and a sign of good will.

I wish I could allay your concerns. I have a Basic unit as a pre-release. I would be perfectly happy to call it even at this point and time and keep it as my Forever Glowforge. But the Pro is a totally different beast, and I do hope that some information is forthcoming. Most of the orders have been for the Pro, so it deserves some attention. The post about the big sign is hopeful, but more would be great.


And with that, I just flagged this thread for closure… because: completely unconstructive.


And I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Good luck. :relaxed:


I doubt it.

Haters gonna hate.