Why wont all of my designs load in the dashboard?

Well my designs wont load past a certain point in the dashboard, I can search and find older ones though. Any thoughts? Settings I might need to fiddle with? I have been paying the monthly fee since they rolled it out so I should have all my designs.

Greetings -

Short answer could be, the roll out of Smart Folders is still pretty buggy. First thing to do is in Dashboard, click on ‘HOME’ at top, then ‘refresh’ your browser window, then click ‘My Designs’. That should bring up all of them.

Next issue - I was organizing my past files into sidebar ‘folders’ and GF definately needs a little more Beta testing on this new feature. For instance - If you create a new smart folder in ‘My Designs’, click organize and move to a different position in the list - then you can’t move files into it, until you go back to Home, and refresh your browser window, or some mysterious combination thereof.

Likewise, sometimes dragging files in ‘My Design’ into smart folders will drop them into the wrong folder. Presumably this issue is linked to the position of the smart folder on the sidebar, so if you ‘organize’ moved it, into a position where a GF provided smart folder was, the file may be added to that folder instead of your intended, custom folder. I’ve also had the design ‘disappear’ from the list of My Designs after doing so. Which was quite worrisome. But again, just go back to the ‘Home’ on the Sidebar, and refresh your Browser window, and everything should come back. You’ll just have to locate which GF provided Smart Folder it got dropped into and remove from there, and recopy to the Smart Folder you intended it to be in.

I’m a little surprised there are so many obvious issues like this, I’m wondering if the GF Staff is a little short on Beta Testers. I haven’t had mine all that long, but from reading past posts it kinda looks like SOP to have users fumble onto problems and eventually GF figures them out and solves them. :slight_smile:



Hi! We’re having the same issue. Nothing seems to be pulling in the full list of designs like it used to. Admittedly we’re not great at naming our files and trying to search for them instead is REALLY slowing down production right now. Any other suggestions or notes from Glowforge support on this one. It’s horrible timing for what needs to be a very busy couple of days. :confused:


I am having the same issue, i will scroll down and it will only load a few times when i scroll than stop. hopefully they fix that soon!

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