Whyyyyyy?! (Print and camera not aligning)

Why does my image not cut where the computer says it’s going to?! It’s driving me NUTSSSSS!

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Probably because you haven’t run the camera calibration process.

It could also be because your crumb tray is not sitting correctly in the machine, or your material is not laying perfectly flat on it.


Or you bumped or moved the laser head while it was turned on.


Or you have the material height set incorrectly.


Thanks for all the tips! I’ll double check everything y’all mentioned!

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And always manually focus before placing your image where you think you want it.

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Ouch. That’s a problem. There is a little mismatch, but this much indicates that you need to calibrate and get the focus dialed in better.

After you have done the lid camera calibration, I would practice a little bit with some very good, flat cardboard. Use the set focus tool. Make sure the red dot falls on the surface of the material. Get a sense of your machine.

The accuracy of the cuts have really improved in matching up to the image from the lid camera which allows you to place the design from early on.

In the end it is jigs and perhaps a very light score design that you can first run to see where the design is going to get processed.


Is this after using set focus? I could be wrong but it looks like this is because set focus wasn’t used yet. When you use set focus, it adjusts the camera based on the height of the material so the whole ‘view’ shifts.

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