Wide Camera Issues

So I just fixed my door hinge issue and went right into trying to trace a simple drawing like I’ve seen in the demo videos, but my camera is black. My glowforge is connected to my PC. I cleaned the lens with a Carl Ziess wipe and it’s still the same Please see picture and let me know if you’ve ever seen anything like this. Thank

Check the ribbon cables near the hinges – looks like maybe one of them got disconnected.


Turn off the machine before you do. :slightly_smiling_face:


still looks the same. Ribbon cables all good

What was the door hinge issue?

After I set up the unit I opened the lid and immediately noticed the back right side was coming loose from the hinge. I closed it and then attempted to reopen the lid and the lid completely popped off the hinge. So had to take it apart and reglue. I had thought my fix worked but just about ten minutes ago it came apart again. I’m at a loss. This has been the biggest disappointment of anything I’ve ever purchased in my life and I was so excited so I think the excitement and the disappointment has caused me to crash hard. I’m seriously depressed and not sure where to go from here. I have reached out to glowforge but after the hinge issue and camera issue I’ve lost all confidence.

Are the LEDs around the lid lit up?

yes, beautifully. This is one beautiful machine, that I can say.

And I’ve yet to hear back from support. I sent them an email and they haven’t responded to my original message.

Yeah, unfortunately the attempted lid repair could be what’s causing the issue with the lights being out now. At this point you need to wait patiently to hear from support. (Don’t try any more repairs until you hear from them.)

(And that can be from several hours to several days, so be patient.) :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, did you document the loose lid with pictures when you first opened the box and send those to Glowforge so that they knew you had a warranty issue?

theres no issue with the lights. The lights are beautiful and bright

Sorry , I meant the lid camera not being able to pick up the lights. It has to be factory calibrated when it is installed, and I’m not sure what taking the lid off does to the calibration.

Just wait to hear from support. They can pull the logs.

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For future reference, posting here in Problems and Support had already opened a support ticket. Sending email opens another, which slows things down for support. Also it means they’ll continue the conversation there and we won’t get to find out what the resolution was! :wink:

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@chelsea see picture above of the camera issue. BTW, the E6000 glue failed after opening the lid about 5 times. I spoke too soon. Highly disappointed in the build of the hinge. Glass glued to a plastic hinge. Are there plans to correct this egregious error in future glowforges? The camera really doesn’t matter if I can’t open and close the unit without it coming apart.

PS. It’s unbelievable that new users are capped on messaging on your message board. I had to wait 19 hours to post again. When you first buy the machine is when you most need the help.

Don’t reply to this since you are capped as a new user, but if @chelsea contacted you directly via email, you can just respond to her there by replying to the email and it won’t count against your posts here.

You can copy and paste this link into your email to her in order to bring her to the first post in the thread:

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I think the reason your messages are capped is that you’re not using a primary account to post. Your username is in gray, which indicates a non-owner account.

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thank you for the heads up :slight_smile: i’ll have to figure out how to change that

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I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with your lid and camera.

I just reached out by email with the next steps to repair this unit, so I’m going to close this thread.