Width Gauge for Track Saw Cuts

I needed to cut some repeatable width boards with my Track Saw. I whipped up this little gauge. Glue the small two blocks together for a beefier base, then push a bolt through them in to the slot on the larger piece. Wing nut on top…and bam! Simple tool. Hopefully it works for someone else besides me.

NOTE: Run the letters and lines as a SCORE, not engrave. I messed that part up. (still learning)

Track Saw Width Guage

What it looks like complete

Example of someone else’s jig here, but shows how to use them.


I want to love this, I can’t imagine it in action, could you take a picture of it in action? I don’t really understand how this is used. Thank you for posting your design! That is awesome.

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What @Aloha said.

Hopefully this video helps make it clear… this guy did nicer ones… but hey, his are not cut by a laser. :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ81GCNoEz8


This is pretty cool, now sell me on why I need a track saw, because I didn’t think I needed one until now… perhaps to feed the laser?

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haha… tools that justify each other are the perfect tools, #amiright?

Honestly - I put off getting a track saw because hey, I have a table saw, circular saw, band saw, jig saw… and didn’t think it’d be worth it. Breaking down material is one thing, but the way the Festool (the one I chose to go with) cuts without tear out, super smooth motion, easy depth…I wish I’d have bought it years ago. It’s an investment for sure, but I love it so far.


Awesome! What model did you go with.?

Cool! Not a current need here, but well done!

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I ended up doing the TS75, just so when I need to cut some slabs, I have the capacity.

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Love practical cuts. This is great! I made some glides for my table sled out of thick acrylic and they worked pretty good. I love when you can use the GF for tools.

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oh… dang, I never thought that. You could make custom width ones and be perfect! brilliant. I am totally doing that this weekend. So…a rectangle is a good shape? ;). (way better than those circle slides)

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I had to play around with mine. My sled was a little out of square. But it works. And if it gets screwed up. Just print another one. I rounded the ends a little so no sharp corners.

If you have a shop check out Dan’s other great shop videos.
I don’t think you actually need the setting guide though. Just set one guide from the other, as he shows doing with the setting guide, and they will be the same.

I added a COMPLETED picture for reference.

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