Wifi adapter question


What protocols will the Wifi hardware support? What speeds? Is the wifi adapter an easily replaceable part? I have had the misfortune of seeing several IOT devices lose connectivity due to their wifi radios/adapters going bad. It would be nice to know I could pop out a wifi daughter card and replace it with a new one - whether to upgrade in the future, or replace if faulty.


The wireless hardware is embedded.


I gotta be honest - I’m not a fan of this approach. Sounds like if any given component/chip goes bad, you need an entire mobo replacement. My BT/WiFi adapter went bad on my PS3 Slim and made it a worthless brick (because it was no longer a part I could replace).

At least tell me I can remove the board for replacement, and that I wouldn’t have to send a 70lb fragile laser cutter to (Texas?) for repair if it goes bad in 18months…


I don’t think it is normal for embedded Wifi radios to fail. I have never had a problem with them other than they don’t work through the walls in my house very well.


You will have to check with @dan of other @staff for specifics, but I don’t think there are any user serviceable parts while the unit is under warranty. Once out of warranty you would probably still have to send the whole thing back unless you are sufficiently confident you can hack it yourself.


This is correct.


Whew, that’s some unfortunate luck with WiFi chips!

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