WiFi connection with iphone

I got this machine today. 02/10/2022. Everything went fine at first, meaning it took about 4 hours to finally get the wifi to work right. printed out the little measuring tool, turned the machine off then back on awhile later, you guessed it, another couple hours. It will NOT stay connected to wifi. That is if it even does connect. I’ve done everything it says in the instructions, to the letter. It says its connected to my laptop but it just won’t work. Tried to get help on FB but to no avail. Does anyone use their iphone to connect to the computer and then to the GF? I’m no computer master but something beyond me is wrong. HELP PLEASE!

Plenty of people use their phone hot spot if their wifi signal is unstable.

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It sounds like your WiFi router is the issue or your have a problem with interference in your WiFi network from some outside source. If you open a support ticket with official GF support they may be able to shed light on what the issue may be. You will need to email or call them as this forum is for community support only.

Create a channel solely devoted to the GF. The 2.4 band is super crowded with all the devises that use it, plus it is easily interrupted by other electronic devices. TV’s, microwaves, cordless phones, even your neighbors devices can cause interference.

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Most wifi routers can scan the band and determine the “cleanest” channel to use. Of course that can change based on what your neighbors have running at the time you run it. I would suggest learning how to check and change that on your router, if possible.

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Could always flash a router to tomato or dd-wrt and then boost the router radio levels and “shout-down” the other routers. Teach them to mess with your network. Of course, some of your network items may also not appreciate that but one can stick it to the neighbors real good this way.

I don’t even know or understand what you’re talking about. But thanks anyway

Just a way that some techies boost specific wifi router’s power past approved levels.


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