Wifi issues

I have been a Glowforge user for 3 years now .

My first machine needed new Lid Cables to solve its problems
My Second machine needed a new Camera and Glowforge Provided the Fix with a new machine.
My Third Machine has been working well however compared to the other 2 its a Dud.

This machine quits for cooling more than the others, we cut the same material every day so we have our limits down to a science.

We have been struggling with the machine going off line , this has been frustrating to confront this so we purchased a Second internet Line so now i have both ATT and Spectrum that I can use but that did not solve the issues.

To Glowforge Defense , it does not stay off line long but is very Frustrating as you have to wait 15 minutes , 30 minutes and hour. When you explain your problem , the forum and glowforge like to tell you its your WIFI . lol

I get it , its my Wi Fi i changed my Shampoo and it really wrecking the WIFI. UGH

I also run two machines and that gives me a Better Assessment as to what is really happening.

The one thing that has kept me with Glowforge was the Support on the Forum as it made it bearable , but now that is gone.

So : I deal with the cooling down , got AC unit built in now for that ,
I deal with the Offline
I deal with the Cable Lid
I deal with paying the Premium fee

Now the Problem and Support has gone Dark, ? No longer up front
Sure I an email , but the robot response letter is a DUD.

Thus the tipping point for me to look at the MUSE not internet dependent and part friendly
Is there anyone else looking this way. ?

This is what was happening before they took down the Problem an Support

still far too much money for what you get. You can get a blue/gray chinese laser with upgrades and far bigger cutting area and double the power for the price of the muse.

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Needs to sit in an home office , not sure that kind of laser is going to be the right replacement .

There are smaller ones. I wouldn’t look at a K40, but there’s a 50 and 55 watt version that is around 2 grand with the same bed size as the glowforge and a rotary attachment.


I have seen those, thank you.

Well, to be honest, you’ve posted over 400 times since day 1 and almost all those posts were complaints about the machine/its operating system. From that I gather you haven’t really ever been happy with it. For you any other machine would probably be a better fit. I hope you find what you are looking for.


Yes I have been with glowforge close to 4 years, seen it change, grow, take back features and charge for new ones. Thank you for the confirmation as I have been loyal for quite some time.

And if they were more transparent with the issues I would be ok with that. But the constant blame on my WIFI is just to much now.

I totally understand your frustration ive gone thru very similar situation but ive had nothing but great support from emailing support ive waited no more then 3 days with a reply. They have troubleshooted many times given me many options how to fix each one of my issues. So your main concern is your having wifi issues? are you using 2.4ghz? and not 5g network

I have the 2.4 and carry both ATT and Spectrum , I have two machines I know when the server goes off line , , they just for what ever reason deny it. I always mark the times down to the minute but nothing ever comes of it. Since glowforge went back on line , it has been flawless today and we run 24 hours a day the units , This also gives me a better assessment of when its down.

12 times you’ve come and posted here that “Glowforge is down”.

12 times you’ve been told that others are printing on their Glowforges at that same moment, and that the servers are not down and weren’t down when you posted.

12 times, your machines have gone back online without Glowforge changing anything, though it often involves you fiddling with your own wifi, according to your own posts.

Several times, a staff member has pulled your logs and found that both your machines were having network issues when you carefully noted the time. Inside your home. Not on Glowforge’s side.

Your last response to this pattern was to DEMAND that Glowforge admit there’s a conspiracy to cover up downtime that only you are experiencing.

I’m glad you’ve done enough reflection on the situation to decide that maybe a non-internet-connected machine is right for you, though I don’t think you came to that conclusion by the most sound reasoning.

Since you’re not looking for any support with your machines in this post, I don’t think Community Support is the right place for it. Maybe share your enthusiasm about switching to a Muse on the FSL forums. They’re not monitored by FSL staff either.


Yes I do think glowforge should be more transparent .
It causing much hate in Facebook groups and there is no need for it.

People like me that have spent thousands of dollars on getting the best WIFI , going as far as getting Two Networks installed in the house only to realize that was never the issue.

Learning how to wait for the Glowforge to come back on line was always the answer.

Its hard to convince those that have WIFI that run flawlessly all day that its your WIFI , its gotten old and I think the Facebook group that has formed because of that.

All I can do at this point is Run my two machines on different WIFI and when they both go down mark the time and day and Help Glowforge try to figure it out .

Since there no longer here to listen, I have you . Love is in the air .

what are your two wifi providers? Do they share a backbone connection? Have you ran actual spectrum analysis on your wifi in the house? You do realize that if the answer to the last question is “no” then you don’t know nearly as much as you seem to think you do, correct? Video cameras, bluetooth devices, cordless phones, microwaves… any number of things can interfere with wifi reception and it won’t mean a damn thing what internet providers you have. I know someone who loses wifi every single time his wife throws something in the microwave.

Glowforge is NOT having it’s servers go down randomly where you and apparently only you are seeing it. Period. End of story. Given that they have checked logs and said that your machines had trouble connecting to the network I put money on SOMETHING in your home causing interference. And your incomplete knowledge of networking and wifi in general is exacerbating the issue. As someone that’s been a network admin at multiple jobs for the last nearly 30 years let me pass on a truth that everyone in the industry knows. There’s three types of people. Those that know nothing and know that they know nothing… Those that know a lot and know that they know a lot, but know that they do not know everything… And there’s the third person… Those that know a little bit and THINK they know everything. Those people are dangerous, and also fall right into the category of blaming something on conspiracies rather than understanding that the most likely cause of a problem is right in front of them.


that is the whole point, I never loose wifi ever . The only time i loose wifi is when the electric goes out. Light bulb moment for you .

Netfix works
Hulu works
mac computers work
windows computers
Robot vacs work
All signals on the back of the routers solid colors

Oh but the Glowforge is Off Line, - Not for long I will add for the 100 th time, most of the time its about 15 to 30 min to an hour at most. none the less I know every time it happens and I let Glowforge know something is a miss.

Does it really require Rocket Science at this point to understand ???

When I first set up my Glowforge years ago: computers online, phones online, Glowforge intermittently went offline, in the very same room. I replaced my router with a mesh wifi system (Netgear Orbi) that provided a stronger signal to that second floor room, and the Glowforge never went offline again. It was the wifi. Glowforges don’t have a good antenna and it’s buried in a fully enclosed laser. Just because your computers are online doesn’t mean the Glowforge has good signal strength on the same network. But, you’ve been told this before.


NO NO NO - I have never been told that, ever ever ever. However Interesting , I do not think that is the case and the reason why is that if it was that , than i would be off line Hundreds of times and I have only been off line about 20 times per year for a period of not more than 15min to an hour.


Horse. Water.


and you think that people wouldn’t be hopping up and down in here if they were offline for an hour? And do so at the same time you are seeing it? You’ve been around long enough to have SEEN the post-storm when they DO actually go down. But you still think it’s some big conspiracy to cover up downtime? I’m nearly speechless.


I would also note that I am and always have been a critic of the shortcomings of glowforge. Software, proprietary hardware… there’s plenty of things to be cranky about with the company. It’s why I just purchased an 80 watt OMTech and do not recommend a glowforge to people with any techy experience any more. There are better options if you can work on your own machines and handle things like aligning mirrors. But covering up downtime on an AWS server farm? Yeah that’s not one of the critiques that needs to be levied against them.


May I direct your attention to response 35/39 of Nov 2021 for one example of many.


Do not argue with a fool, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

There’s good reason this one is first on my ignore list.