Wifi Setup Will Not Complete

Hello! I unboxed my Pro yesterday and am still not up and running. When I go through the wifi setup, I make it to the last screen that says everything is good, I just need to “Please wait” while my computer goes back to my home’s wifi (“you may need to manually do this step”). I have tried this set up more than 10 times now. Waiting 30 min, manually connecting, turning off all wifi then manually connecting, etc etc. Please help!

When I watch the standard wifi video that’s going around, all I am missing is the confetti screen at the end. I never get to that. Because of this, I went to the url app.glowforge.com and clicked on a project to just start printing figuring I would be okay since I only missed the confetti screen but now it has just been “focusing” for an hour. My excitement for this unit that cost more than my first car is turning to so much frustration.

That screen gets stuck sometimes and usually you’re good to just proceed to app.glowforge.com, like you did, and start printing.

Is it just stuck on focusing? Is it switching between statuses? Mentioning offline at all in the status?

Thanks! It is just stuck on focusing. When I power down the glowforge, it shows “offline” but when powered back up just focusing.

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You may have a somewhat weak connection. Focusing requires the machine to send some pictures to the cloud to get processed. If it’s getting on the wifi, but just barely, you might see that behavior. Because it has different WiFi hardware and a different antenna, sometimes even if your laptop or phone works perfectly in the same room, the Glowforge might be having trouble getting online. Unfortunately, there’s no indication from the Glowforge to let you know what’s going on or how strong a connection it has.

I think some people have also seen similar issues if the lid camera cable is loose or bad. You could try checking that while waiting for GF support to get back to you. They have access to the logs that should narrow it down.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.